WWOOOHOOO! What a long road this has been!

My fitness journey has had so many ups and ups and ups and just a tiny few downs!

I am so happy to say I am finally a ACE certified personal trainer.

What does this mean?

Means I have goals and will use this certification to help me reach them!

Some goals include:

  1. Training at a gym
  2. Certified health coach (coming this spring)
  3. Educate on the importance of eating right
  4. Start giving back through Joining Forces
  5. Joining a program such as S.T.E.P.S which helps combat childhood obesity
  6. Have a e-book made
  7. help others !

I cannot wait to get started on these goals!

Since my last post I have also been chosen to be a running ambassador for Crucible racing! I am soooo excited!! 😀 I have joined the 2016 miles challenge in 2016, hoping to reach half…if not more! Since i’m fairly new to running I don’t I think will be reaching all 2016 miles alone so hopefully my team “sweat with shay” will knock out some miles!


How I survive those winter runs

Okay, let me set everyone straight. I HATE the cold! HATE HATE HATE. I got cold on my honeymoon which was in JULY. I almost constantly have goosebumps!

so.. How is it that I get outside on mornings it’s 30 degrees and go run? With the wind blowing in my face, the sweat sitting on me and making me even colder…

Layers. Lots of layers. and Vaseline and sung glasses! They work wonders!

I did a long run the other day in 35 degree weather and the wind was picking up pretty fast! I was hesitant but knew to stick to my training I had to run my long run that day. Now my long run was only 7 miles so it wasn’t what most people call a long run but still not something I was willing to do on a treadmill!

Picking clothes has been very important in the process of trying to stay warm. I had compression socks on, another pair of high knee socks and some ADIDAS running joggers (love that they have pockets) Then I had a base layer long sleeve shirt, a technical shirt and a hoodie. Gloves and a scarf. The scarf also came in handy if I needed to warm the air I was breathing! My lungs do NOT appreciate cold air! And sunglasses to keep my eyes from drying out from the wind! Lastly I apply a good amount of Vaseline right under my nose because lets face it, running is not pretty and snot sitting under my nose and wind hitting the snot calls for a very bad raw patch of skin! Then I apply a good amount of chap stick to my lips to keep them from cracking as well! Don’t skip this step!

So after a while I got on the last half of the loop that I would be running twice and the sun was beaming directly on me and it was time to lose the hat and gloves and stick them in my pockets (again why I love my ADIDAS joggers!) Then once I completed the first loop it was on the non-sunny side so I needed my layers back!


Lesson 1: wear layers!  Protect your hands and head especially!

Lesson 2: wear an outfit where you can put hat and gloves if you don’t need them.

Lesson 3: Listen to your body if you begin to feel cold again layer back up!

Lesson 4: Just run! You got this!


Remember when heading out for longer runs to slow your pace down so you do not burn out! I am trying to remember to do that before my race in february! woohoo!

How I went from cardio to running.

Many people are shocked when they discovered I lost 80 pounds and rarely ever used the treadmill. I hated running…and I mean hated.

I did all my cardio on the elliptical, bike, or arc trainer. I would do high intensity intervals because lets face it, doing cardio weighing 207 pounds is not comfortable or enjoyable. I would get my heart rate up high lower it then get it high again and be done with cardio as soon as I could.

In September of 2015 after my wedding, my brother-in-law’s wedding and summer vacations were done I knew I wanted to mix up my routine. So I began running… at first I hated it. I hated hearing myself breathe as if I was a dying pig, I hated the shin splints, the treadmill is the most boring thing in the world…and the list could go on. Then I decided to run an 8K, and took my runs outside to train for it. Something clicked… my pace was awful but my body was on a high that I can’t quite explain. My breathing still sounded like I was dying but I didn’t care anymore, I truly enjoyed pushing myself to my limits.

When I fall in love with something I tend to obsess over it a little bit…So I was finding ways to incorporate more runs.. and in December I had my 8K and the atmosphere of that was truly an experience! I ran the 8k in just about 45 minutes. I had a tutu, I had friends,  I had other people who were loving running just as much as me. I mean who pays to go run except people who really love it!

For anyone who is looking to begin a running routine I definitely suggest starting with intervals and working your way up to distance. Don’t run for your time but run for your health. After all a 12 minute mile is still the same distance as a 6 minute mile, and you are lapping every person sitting on their butt.

Indoor treadmill run workout:

Warm up: 5 minutes at 3.7 speed. 0 incline

Raise incline to 1.0

1min @4.5

30 seconds @3.7

1 min @ 5.0

30 seconds @ 3.7

1 min @ 5.0

30 seconds @ 3.7

1 min @ 5.2

30 seconds @3.7

1 min @4.5

30 seconds @3.7

1 min @5.5

30 seconds @ 3.7

RECOVER: Cool down for 5 min-Incline of 0 and speed of 3.2



Even baby steps are better than no steps at all!


Cross Training Day+ Dinner Recipe

I am currently training for my 10 miler race in February so I have to incorporate some non running days, which is always fun!

Today I did my cross training but incorporating HITT and stationary biking!

Typically I form my HIIT routines by doing 4 rounds with 2 exercises in each round which I perform each exercise for 30 seconds before moving on to the next round. Once all four rounds have been completed I rest for 1 minute and repeat this until I have done it a total of 4 times!


Today’s HIIT was:

*Dumbbell burpees

*Dumbbell Squats


*Criss-cross to high knees



*Weighted plate crunches

*Dumbbell step ups onto a bench


*Jumping Jacks

*Dumbbell alternating lunges.


I love to have 2-3 HIIT sessions throughout a week to REALLY get my heart rate up and going!



Chicken Burger recipe:


•1 chicken breast
•jalapeño juice and about 8 jalapeño rings
•bread crumbs

Ground chicken in food processor and add jalapeño juice and ground up jalapeño. measure out 1/4 cup bread crumbs and mix all ingredients with ground chicken.

freeze chicken patties for 10 min so they hold form.

bake 350 for 35 min. flipping patties halfway through! Once done add to desired buns, add favorite toppings and enjoy!

What is in my bag?

So what is it exactly that I lug around with me everywhere…literally almost everywhere I go the gym bag comes with me!


I will start with the obvious for us females…

  1. Pony tail holder- can never have too many of these!
  2. Green body tape measure
  3. blue flip belt to hold my crap while I run or work out
  4. muscle pain relieving cream
  5. wireless head phones
  6. wired headphones for when my wireless ones decide to die
  7. jump rope
  8. locker lock
  9. mittens because my fingers freeze during outdoor runs
  10. deoderant
  11. ankle strap for cable machine
  12. baby wipes…because well sometimes i am gross and go straight out somewhere after a workout.
  13. compression sleeves
  14. 3 levels of resistance bands (leg day baby!)
  15. lifting gloves (because as much as i love calloused hands which show my hard work…some days i just wanna be baby butt smooth)
  16. stop watch… oh hello interval training
  17. Core flytes: My new toys which I have yet to try at the gym yet because I just got them today!
  18. ipod somewhere in this pile because sometimes I go old school and don’t use my phone
  19. first aid small kit which is currently empty. oops.


I basically lug around a bunch of random things that I do use! And some things get left in the bottom for a few weeks before I invite them out to play! 😛



What is in YOUR gym bag to help you succeed?

My journey is a marathon not a race.

Definitely a great quote for anyone who is going through any type of journey. It is not about how fast you get to the finish line…especially with weightloss…I am in this for the long run…not to just finish the race but to adapt to this new lifestyle and to help encourage others to do it too!

You always have to remember life is going to happen…sometimes it will get in the way of losing weight, but would you rather miss out on life and not go out with friends because you cannot accurately assume how many calories are going in your mouth? I lived that life for months I had friends not inviting me out to eat because they knew I was counting calories..you know how that felt? HORRIBLE. Yes in the past I would have rather lost out on time with friends and been at home weighing my food…but that is in the past. I still count and I still weigh my food but if my friends want to go out I am going to go out! If I get invited to a cook out I am going to eat!

Yesterday was a big day for my husband and I! We viewed a house AND made an offer to buy it! Now we are waiting to see if they accept it…but back to the point! After viewing the house more in detail and talking to the agent we were supposed to go grocery shopping and well I was too distracted on my phone looking at all the pictures I took he ended up driving me to Olive Garden and took us on a lunch date! I panicked…a little bit…. eek! I gained a few pounds on my 2 months of vacation so I have really been trying to watch what I eat but I mean hello! We just had a huge moment in our life and wanted to celebrate! So I had my breadsticks I ate a flat bread pizza and I loved the moment and the time I got to enjoy with my husband who loves me for who I am not how much I weigh.

We also went grocery shopping after–and got stuff to make pumpkin brownies. I have NEVER in my 24 years of life have EVER liked pumpkin- I have tried pumpkin bread, pumpkin ice cream and pie in the past and  I hated it!!! Well in Maine I got to try some pumpkin cake and I was like WHAT?! I LOVE THIS! So I have been all things pumpkin recently! These pumpkin brownies are SO DELICIOUS–and if you want to splurge on pumpkin this really is not the worst recipe for you! It literally only uses TWO ingredients-the pumpkin pure and the brownie mix–no oil, no eggs! Yum Yum. They come out moist and they also kind of resemble fudge! Delicious i must say!

But now I need to go back to studying for my ACE personal training stuff!

Remember you will reach your goals, you just have to keep going and not put yourself down!

Oh Heyyyy

So I have been very absent….oops! The past few months have been very busy!

  1. I got all my Ace Fitness supplies to become a personal trainer.
  2. I was in Maine multiple times…which is like a 13 hour drive from where I currently live.
  3. I got married
  4. I had a week honeymoon
  5. brother in law got married-had a 12 day vacation…
  6. studying…and lots of stuff dealing with name changes and everything!

Buttt here I am. I am back! My progress is changing every single day…good and bad…and life happens and I had to accept that… I spent a lot of time not at home this summer…I was also trying to not obsess over what foods I ate…wellll…lots of celebrating happens when you get married…and lots of fun happens on a honeymoon which usually requires calories…. omnomnom… i did gain a few lbs..not too much but a few…but i have finally been back at the gym and changing how i eat.

I have begun just as of yesterday counting macros…I am going to see how this treats me with my progress!

Hope everyone has been well!

Enjoy a photo of me holding my husband on our wedding day in 5inch heels. #fitwife



I felt like a princess.

I felt like a princess.

What kind of journey do you want?

Saturday’s are my “rest” days which usually means deep clean the whole house. Cleaning was fantastic today because Alex is in Maine visiting friends and family for a week and I can focus so much better whenever he is not here distracting me! 🙂 we usually end up goofing off or not actually cleaning! So today I got A LOT done!

I was going through all our files and paperwork and trashing what needed to be trashed and organizing what needed to be kept! I stumbled upon a clinical care visit summary from march 4th 2014, I was at a very rough spot in my life…this appointment was confirming that I was having a miscarriage and that Alex and I lost our “baby G” as we were calling he/she. But enough with the sad part… I was weighing in at 183 lbs…still very much overweight… I know I am an emotional eater big time…like big time…I remember consuming more butterfingers than ever before and atleast a tube of cookie dough a week for like 2 weeks… I was so depressed and unhappy!

I began my weight loss in October weighing in at 205 lbs… so in 7 months from March to October I gained 22 pounds… I was doing the math and realizing that in 7 months from October to May I lost 73 pounds and it got me to thinking about those motivational quotes about how the weight loss journey may be hard…but being fat is hard… I can’t believe I let myself gain so much weight in such few months but I also can’t believe how easy it was for me to gain the weight… I mean sure I knew I was not doing myself any good by eating so much crap but I couldn’t believe that I was 183 lbs and let myself creep up to 205. Holy moses! Then I was shocked that in the same amount of time it took me to gain 22 lbs i busted my ass and lost 73! I am so proud of myself! Everyday still has its challenges…and some days I still want to eat cookie dough and candy and binge eat…but then I think of all the progress I have made…and think of how shitty i felt being so large…and how upset my stomach gets when I eat horribly…and then I say to myself Schaeffer, what kind of journey do you want to continue on? Sure…I could easily sit down and eat crappy and get enjoyment for a few moments and watch my journey take me down a path of weight gain and unhappiness…Or….I can limit myself…have non scale victories over the food going into my mouth and continue on my maintenance journey that I am so proud of!

Remember…it is up to you! Start today on your journey…become a better, healthier, happier you! If I can do it, so can you!!

from left to right: Summer 2015, March 2015, August 2014

from left to right: Summer 2015, March 2015, August 2014

October vs July

October vs July

Today-July 13th hard work pays off!

Today-July 13th hard work pays off!


I have had such a heavy heart here recently!

I am supposed to be going back to school this August to finish my degree…which I have changed majors 4 times… Yes..I am one of the most indecisive people I know… It’s awful… I hate it. My mind is always making me regret decisions or spend hours trying to decide on a choice.

I started my freshman year going to school for environmental science…that lasted 1 semester…then I wanted to be a marine biologist… that lasted not even a semester…Then it was childhood development…i have always had a special place in my heart for kids…i started young babysitting…i was a party host… I worked for a school district.. I have nannied, worked for 2 daycares, summer camp counselor…church camp…you name it I have done it. But here recently my passion and joy for kids has gone…I think partially it has been the places I have worked… I feel the past 2 jobs I have had as a daycare teacher the centers are not 100% for the kids… In the end it is about selling the daycare…and making the money…My patience has worn thin for kids WHILE inside the working setting…when I see my kiddos outside of work i love them and could spend all day with them because i am not required to do all the bullshit that comes with companies.

I have always been someone who finds joy from helping people…I was going to go back to school to finish my path at becoming a child life specialist and work in hospitals with children who are sick and do a sort of play therapy. But here recently I can’t see myself doing that!

Through my own fitness journey I have wanted to dive into more and more books and learn more about fitness, health, and how to do everything the correct way. I have really been thinking of becoming a personal trainer and also getting a certificate as a health coach. I would love to learn more to better myself, to set new goals, and i would love to motivate other people and help them reach their goals… this weightloss journey has played so much on my life here recently that I want others to be able to have a journey like my own! I want to guide others to a better positive lifestyle!

What do you guys think?


let me update this…I am also starting school in the fall as a sophomore because I started school in texas… then moved to maine and now live in Virginia…. Virginia and Maine do not offer a degree program at ANY schools in child life specialist so i have to get a degree in any child related field…so i am starting 100% over giving me 3 years at a university left… PLUS after getting my degree i have to go through the board of council for child life specialist and get certified through them which involves many hours of extra training, classes, and exams…which will be another 1.5 years…so if I decide to stick with going to school and not personal train…im starting over in a field i technically do not want to do but i have to do it before i can start child life specialist stuff…and I don’t feel the passion in that area anymore!

social media whore!

The amount of support, motivation, and encouragement that I have gotten through blogging, instagram and now facebook has been awesome! I have recently logged off from social media with my family and friends, the amount of negativity they have given me has made me upset, friends and loved ones have tried telling me i am unhealthy publicly rather than in private. I am done with negativity and am excited to find motivation and friendship!

I wish I had used social media when I first began my weightloss there is no telling how much it could have helped me! 🙂

I just started a facebook where I hope I can find some internet friends…the world of internet has changed how people used to talk to pen pals! my goal is to find some supporting people who may even become long distance friends! I am an adult…i know internet can be unsafe… I know how to handle it! 🙂

no creeps please!



if you are interested find me there!! ^^^