WWOOOHOOO! What a long road this has been!

My fitness journey has had so many ups and ups and ups and just a tiny few downs!

I am so happy to say I am finally a ACE certified personal trainer.

What does this mean?

Means I have goals and will use this certification to help me reach them!

Some goals include:

  1. Training at a gym
  2. Certified health coach (coming this spring)
  3. Educate on the importance of eating right
  4. Start giving back through Joining Forces
  5. Joining a program such as S.T.E.P.S which helps combat childhood obesity
  6. Have a e-book made
  7. help others !

I cannot wait to get started on these goals!

Since my last post I have also been chosen to be a running ambassador for Crucible racing! I am soooo excited!! 😀 I have joined the 2016 miles challenge in 2016, hoping to reach half…if not more! Since i’m fairly new to running I don’t I think will be reaching all 2016 miles alone so hopefully my team “sweat with shay” will knock out some miles!


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