How I survive those winter runs

Okay, let me set everyone straight. I HATE the cold! HATE HATE HATE. I got cold on my honeymoon which was in JULY. I almost constantly have goosebumps!

so.. How is it that I get outside on mornings it’s 30 degrees and go run? With the wind blowing in my face, the sweat sitting on me and making me even colder…

Layers. Lots of layers. and Vaseline and sung glasses! They work wonders!

I did a long run the other day in 35 degree weather and the wind was picking up pretty fast! I was hesitant but knew to stick to my training I had to run my long run that day. Now my long run was only 7 miles so it wasn’t what most people call a long run but still not something I was willing to do on a treadmill!

Picking clothes has been very important in the process of trying to stay warm. I had compression socks on, another pair of high knee socks and some ADIDAS running joggers (love that they have pockets) Then I had a base layer long sleeve shirt, a technical shirt and a hoodie. Gloves and a scarf. The scarf also came in handy if I needed to warm the air I was breathing! My lungs do NOT appreciate cold air! And sunglasses to keep my eyes from drying out from the wind! Lastly I apply a good amount of Vaseline right under my nose because lets face it, running is not pretty and snot sitting under my nose and wind hitting the snot calls for a very bad raw patch of skin! Then I apply a good amount of chap stick to my lips to keep them from cracking as well! Don’t skip this step!

So after a while I got on the last half of the loop that I would be running twice and the sun was beaming directly on me and it was time to lose the hat and gloves and stick them in my pockets (again why I love my ADIDAS joggers!) Then once I completed the first loop it was on the non-sunny side so I needed my layers back!


Lesson 1: wear layers!  Protect your hands and head especially!

Lesson 2: wear an outfit where you can put hat and gloves if you don’t need them.

Lesson 3: Listen to your body if you begin to feel cold again layer back up!

Lesson 4: Just run! You got this!


Remember when heading out for longer runs to slow your pace down so you do not burn out! I am trying to remember to do that before my race in february! woohoo!


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