How I went from cardio to running.

Many people are shocked when they discovered I lost 80 pounds and rarely ever used the treadmill. I hated running…and I mean hated.

I did all my cardio on the elliptical, bike, or arc trainer. I would do high intensity intervals because lets face it, doing cardio weighing 207 pounds is not comfortable or enjoyable. I would get my heart rate up high lower it then get it high again and be done with cardio as soon as I could.

In September of 2015 after my wedding, my brother-in-law’s wedding and summer vacations were done I knew I wanted to mix up my routine. So I began running… at first I hated it. I hated hearing myself breathe as if I was a dying pig, I hated the shin splints, the treadmill is the most boring thing in the world…and the list could go on. Then I decided to run an 8K, and took my runs outside to train for it. Something clicked… my pace was awful but my body was on a high that I can’t quite explain. My breathing still sounded like I was dying but I didn’t care anymore, I truly enjoyed pushing myself to my limits.

When I fall in love with something I tend to obsess over it a little bit…So I was finding ways to incorporate more runs.. and in December I had my 8K and the atmosphere of that was truly an experience! I ran the 8k in just about 45 minutes. I had a tutu, I had friends,  I had other people who were loving running just as much as me. I mean who pays to go run except people who really love it!

For anyone who is looking to begin a running routine I definitely suggest starting with intervals and working your way up to distance. Don’t run for your time but run for your health. After all a 12 minute mile is still the same distance as a 6 minute mile, and you are lapping every person sitting on their butt.

Indoor treadmill run workout:

Warm up: 5 minutes at 3.7 speed. 0 incline

Raise incline to 1.0

1min @4.5

30 seconds @3.7

1 min @ 5.0

30 seconds @ 3.7

1 min @ 5.0

30 seconds @ 3.7

1 min @ 5.2

30 seconds @3.7

1 min @4.5

30 seconds @3.7

1 min @5.5

30 seconds @ 3.7

RECOVER: Cool down for 5 min-Incline of 0 and speed of 3.2



Even baby steps are better than no steps at all!



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