Cross Training Day+ Dinner Recipe

I am currently training for my 10 miler race in February so I have to incorporate some non running days, which is always fun!

Today I did my cross training but incorporating HITT and stationary biking!

Typically I form my HIIT routines by doing 4 rounds with 2 exercises in each round which I perform each exercise for 30 seconds before moving on to the next round. Once all four rounds have been completed I rest for 1 minute and repeat this until I have done it a total of 4 times!


Today’s HIIT was:

*Dumbbell burpees

*Dumbbell Squats


*Criss-cross to high knees



*Weighted plate crunches

*Dumbbell step ups onto a bench


*Jumping Jacks

*Dumbbell alternating lunges.


I love to have 2-3 HIIT sessions throughout a week to REALLY get my heart rate up and going!



Chicken Burger recipe:


•1 chicken breast
•jalapeño juice and about 8 jalapeño rings
•bread crumbs

Ground chicken in food processor and add jalapeño juice and ground up jalapeño. measure out 1/4 cup bread crumbs and mix all ingredients with ground chicken.

freeze chicken patties for 10 min so they hold form.

bake 350 for 35 min. flipping patties halfway through! Once done add to desired buns, add favorite toppings and enjoy!


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