What is in my bag?

So what is it exactly that I lug around with me everywhere…literally almost everywhere I go the gym bag comes with me!


I will start with the obvious for us females…

  1. Pony tail holder- can never have too many of these!
  2. Green body tape measure
  3. blue flip belt to hold my crap while I run or work out
  4. muscle pain relieving cream
  5. wireless head phones
  6. wired headphones for when my wireless ones decide to die
  7. jump rope
  8. locker lock
  9. mittens because my fingers freeze during outdoor runs
  10. deoderant
  11. ankle strap for cable machine
  12. baby wipes…because well sometimes i am gross and go straight out somewhere after a workout.
  13. compression sleeves
  14. 3 levels of resistance bands (leg day baby!)
  15. lifting gloves (because as much as i love calloused hands which show my hard work…some days i just wanna be baby butt smooth)
  16. stop watch… oh hello interval training
  17. Core flytes: My new toys which I have yet to try at the gym yet because I just got them today!
  18. ipod somewhere in this pile because sometimes I go old school and don’t use my phone
  19. first aid small kit which is currently empty. oops.


I basically lug around a bunch of random things that I do use! And some things get left in the bottom for a few weeks before I invite them out to play! 😛



What is in YOUR gym bag to help you succeed?


5 thoughts on “What is in my bag?

    • schaeffermgrierson says:

      seriously! Hair tyes go missing all the time! I had a tragic day when one of mine broke during cardio and I couldn’t find ANY 😢 all i had was a bandana so i turned that into a pony tail. it did not go well


  1. Liz says:

    I keep my gloves, hair ties, lock and deodorant in my bag at all times. I’m wondering, what type of gym bag do you use? I just have one of those simple drawstring bags that has some extra pockets on the outside and it doesn’t hold much!

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