My journey is a marathon not a race.

Definitely a great quote for anyone who is going through any type of journey. It is not about how fast you get to the finish line…especially with weightloss…I am in this for the long run…not to just finish the race but to adapt to this new lifestyle and to help encourage others to do it too!

You always have to remember life is going to happen…sometimes it will get in the way of losing weight, but would you rather miss out on life and not go out with friends because you cannot accurately assume how many calories are going in your mouth? I lived that life for months I had friends not inviting me out to eat because they knew I was counting know how that felt? HORRIBLE. Yes in the past I would have rather lost out on time with friends and been at home weighing my food…but that is in the past. I still count and I still weigh my food but if my friends want to go out I am going to go out! If I get invited to a cook out I am going to eat!

Yesterday was a big day for my husband and I! We viewed a house AND made an offer to buy it! Now we are waiting to see if they accept it…but back to the point! After viewing the house more in detail and talking to the agent we were supposed to go grocery shopping and well I was too distracted on my phone looking at all the pictures I took he ended up driving me to Olive Garden and took us on a lunch date! I panicked…a little bit…. eek! I gained a few pounds on my 2 months of vacation so I have really been trying to watch what I eat but I mean hello! We just had a huge moment in our life and wanted to celebrate! So I had my breadsticks I ate a flat bread pizza and I loved the moment and the time I got to enjoy with my husband who loves me for who I am not how much I weigh.

We also went grocery shopping after–and got stuff to make pumpkin brownies. I have NEVER in my 24 years of life have EVER liked pumpkin- I have tried pumpkin bread, pumpkin ice cream and pie in the past and  I hated it!!! Well in Maine I got to try some pumpkin cake and I was like WHAT?! I LOVE THIS! So I have been all things pumpkin recently! These pumpkin brownies are SO DELICIOUS–and if you want to splurge on pumpkin this really is not the worst recipe for you! It literally only uses TWO ingredients-the pumpkin pure and the brownie mix–no oil, no eggs! Yum Yum. They come out moist and they also kind of resemble fudge! Delicious i must say!

But now I need to go back to studying for my ACE personal training stuff!

Remember you will reach your goals, you just have to keep going and not put yourself down!


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