Oh Heyyyy

So I have been very absent….oops! The past few months have been very busy!

  1. I got all my Ace Fitness supplies to become a personal trainer.
  2. I was in Maine multiple times…which is like a 13 hour drive from where I currently live.
  3. I got married
  4. I had a week honeymoon
  5. brother in law got married-had a 12 day vacation…
  6. studying…and lots of stuff dealing with name changes and everything!

Buttt here I am. I am back! My progress is changing every single day…good and bad…and life happens and I had to accept that… I spent a lot of time not at home this summer…I was also trying to not obsess over what foods I ate…wellll…lots of celebrating happens when you get married…and lots of fun happens on a honeymoon which usually requires calories…. omnomnom… i did gain a few lbs..not too much but a few…but i have finally been back at the gym and changing how i eat.

I have begun just as of yesterday counting macros…I am going to see how this treats me with my progress!

Hope everyone has been well!

Enjoy a photo of me holding my husband on our wedding day in 5inch heels. #fitwife



I felt like a princess.

I felt like a princess.


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