I have had such a heavy heart here recently!

I am supposed to be going back to school this August to finish my degree…which I have changed majors 4 times… Yes..I am one of the most indecisive people I know… It’s awful… I hate it. My mind is always making me regret decisions or spend hours trying to decide on a choice.

I started my freshman year going to school for environmental science…that lasted 1 semester…then I wanted to be a marine biologist… that lasted not even a semester…Then it was childhood development…i have always had a special place in my heart for kids…i started young babysitting…i was a party host… I worked for a school district.. I have nannied, worked for 2 daycares, summer camp counselor…church camp…you name it I have done it. But here recently my passion and joy for kids has gone…I think partially it has been the places I have worked… I feel the past 2 jobs I have had as a daycare teacher the centers are not 100% for the kids… In the end it is about selling the daycare…and making the money…My patience has worn thin for kids WHILE inside the working setting…when I see my kiddos outside of work i love them and could spend all day with them because i am not required to do all the bullshit that comes with companies.

I have always been someone who finds joy from helping people…I was going to go back to school to finish my path at becoming a child life specialist and work in hospitals with children who are sick and do a sort of play therapy. But here recently I can’t see myself doing that!

Through my own fitness journey I have wanted to dive into more and more books and learn more about fitness, health, and how to do everything the correct way. I have really been thinking of becoming a personal trainer and also getting a certificate as a health coach. I would love to learn more to better myself, to set new goals, and i would love to motivate other people and help them reach their goals… this weightloss journey has played so much on my life here recently that I want others to be able to have a journey like my own! I want to guide others to a better positive lifestyle!

What do you guys think?


let me update this…I am also starting school in the fall as a sophomore because I started school in texas… then moved to maine and now live in Virginia…. Virginia and Maine do not offer a degree program at ANY schools in child life specialist so i have to get a degree in any child related field…so i am starting 100% over giving me 3 years at a university left… PLUS after getting my degree i have to go through the board of council for child life specialist and get certified through them which involves many hours of extra training, classes, and exams…which will be another 1.5 years…so if I decide to stick with going to school and not personal train…im starting over in a field i technically do not want to do but i have to do it before i can start child life specialist stuff…and I don’t feel the passion in that area anymore!


3 thoughts on “Decisions…decisions…*(update)

  1. slowmotionsmile says:

    I think it’s important that you’re not stuck at a job/profession you don’t truly enjoy because then you’ll just feel more and more exhausted as weeks and months pass by. However, if you’re at the finish line (and inversted so much time and effort) already, maybe you should just push it through and get a degree – who knows, maybe you’ll find passion for kids again. And if it still doesn’t work out, you can do a course to become a personal trainer anytime later ๐Ÿ™‚


    • schaeffermgrierson says:

      Well the thing is i moved from texas to maine to virginia in the past 3 years… Maine and Virginia do not have any schools offering a child life specialist degree… SOOOO…. i have to restart ALL over and get my degree in human services then go through the child life board council and do classes and exams through them AFTER finishing 3 years of college…so really i have to start as a freshman basically all over again… so i am not at the finish line at all… haha


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