Weekends are never long enough!

Man– I have not blogged in a few days! The end of last week was hard on me… Emotionally I have been stressing out so much about my wedding! We are getting married in less than 2 months and we live in Virginia but the wedding is in Maine (where we are from) holy bonkers. It is hard to get all the last minute details finished up when we are 18 hours from the state we need to be in to do a lot of it!!

I have also become stressed out with the gym, my body, how i see myself…I ended up sleeping in on Thursday and taking a mental break…I get plenty of activity in during work-I took 4 infants on a buggy ride…talk about resistance training ha ha! 🙂 then Friday I went back to the gym with FULL intentions of getting my WHOLE workout done! I get there… get finished with my ab routine and the piece that goes in the ear to my wireless headphones broke..i don’t even know how that happened! But as a gym junkie i am obsessed with music and this was enough to almost make me scream…but I toughed it out and started doing my legs… then it was time for a good cardio session and I was just realizing I did not have my water bottle… I went back to my gym locker to search for it and realized I left it at home but as I was looking through my gym bag I also left my work clothes at home…at this point I was ready to cry… silly I know! But with all the stress and craziness going on at my job I just grabbed my bag and left. When I got home my lovely fiance was still home and I just broke down! I was so upset that I was so forgetful! But I knew taking 1 more day off may just be what I needed! I think it worked! 🙂

Today’s workout was great! and I go back tomorrow and start working on progress some more! Some of my weekly goals this week are to:

  1. cut my sweet tooth
  2. stop wasting money on pointless things
  3. hydrate hydrate hydrate
  4. look in the mirror less
  5. love my body how it is now
  6. stress less
  7. live in the moment
  8. don’t let work get to me
  9. breathe

I think it is important to set up weekly goals for yourself just to stay on track! # 3 I really need to work on…last week I was a coffee monster and it was not good! I really need to focus on drinking more water!!

Any weekly goals for you guys?

Got more engagement photos back! I will slowly let you guys see them! 🙂 This one is just of me in honor of goal of the week #5

may photo shoot

may photo shoot


4 thoughts on “Weekends are never long enough!

      • amandaturner612 says:

        Oh girl I get it! As far as words of advice… people genuinely want to help you and feel special when you let them. When family and friends ask if there’s anything they can do for you, say yes and give them a job! If things get tense with you and your almost-hubby, talk about things that you can’t wait to do once you’re married… maybe your honeymoon, a vacation later down the line, kids, house, etc. When you’re going back and forth about what the first dance song should be/ how many post-dinner snacks you should serve/ how much to tip the DJ, it helps to focus on the awesome big picture rather than the stressful small picture ❤

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