Body Composition Exam

After being semi-harassed by my family saying I was “too thin” for my height….uhhh have they seen my thighs? I definitely wear my weight down below! I am not someone who wears their weight throughout their entire body! Something I wish my body did do! Sadly all my weight sits below my hips! 😦 oh those family genes!!! GRRR. So I made an appointment last week for today to get a body composition test done. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was quite pleased with the outcome! I am at the lower end of everything but I am not UNDER! So HA suck on that family!

I found out some interesting things! I did not know the body was rated in most of these areas! I knew we could test body fat percentage and all that but I did not know about the metabolic age, basal metabolic rate, and I did not know this test would tell me my muscle mass!

body comp results

body comp results

For an athletic women body fat percentage can be anywhere within the 14%-20% range and I am sitting at 14.1% so I was advised to gain some weight if I plan on lifting weights still…Doc said if I were to gain even 1/2 lb of muscle then I would not have enough body fat % so that is something I will be looking into as I am wanting to lift weights more to tone up my jiggy wiggly thighs!!

I will be going back in 6 months to see where I stand! 😀

Anyone else have this test tone? 🙂


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