scared of the unknown 

I decided to try a new workout off of an app workout trainer by skimble it was called as tough as a marine! I wanted to do something to just spice up my workouts because I always feel the need to go as hard as I can when I am on the machines doing my own workout. Which was causing me to keep losing weight and I do not want to get any thinner! 
So I was so nervous and hesitant to do this workout because the first 20 minutes was jogging without stopping… Now I have never tested myself to see If I could do this because I always did interval running on the treadmill before so I would run for 45 seconds at a 7.0-7.5mph then walk at 4.5mph for 1 min. all at a 5 incline. So I was so nervous today and almost just did my usual routine because i was scared I may fail! but then I told myself hey if I fail its something I can work on! Now the app said 3 miles in 20 minutes and I knew I wasnt going to be able to do THREE miles but I wanted to see if I could jog the whole 20 minutes. AND I DID IT!!!!!!!! i felt so alive and so proud of myself!! I also finished the last 20 minutes of the workout and I felt pushed but in a great way!  


so I was peoud of myself hitting the 1.00 mile mark and took a photo because I was unsure if I could keep jogging. but i did it! i ran 2.00 miles at a speed of 5.6 and incline of 5! then finished the rest of the work out! i LOVED it! I feel amazing. 

Don’t let the unknown scare you, let the unknown push you to your limits. I now will be working on running a faster mile! I am also curious to see just how long I can run at this pace because if I had not been following the workout I definitely had the energy to keep going!  

happy monday!!! Push yourself! keep going!! 


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