My journey and my relationship

I am so very truly TRULY blessed to have found my best friend in the entire world to share my life with. This post will probably end up being more on the sappy side! ❤ and that is okay! Last night we had our redo engagement photos. I am SUCH a picture person… I rely on pictures for everything without pictures I feel like stories are never complete. I love the fact that a photo can freeze time for a second so you can remember it forever.

I began my weight loss journey in October… initially it was to get thinner for the wedding which is now less than 2 months away..EEK. but soon it became so much more. I began to control my life.. I am opening up to you guys my fellow bloggers. I became obsessive… Yes I wanted to be thin but now I wanted to be healthy too. I was at the gym almost all 7 days of the week. Logging everything that went into my mouth…making Alex..poor Alex keep stickers of barcodes so I could scan them into myfitnesspal and making him fully measure everything out. Needless to say it has taken somewhat of a toll on our relationship. I was letting my weight gains or loss make me upset or happy depending on what the scale said and I would take it out on Alex.nBut I am making a change… I am putting my foot down and will not let this problem ruin my life. I had SO much fun last night reconnecting with Alex through our redo-engagement photos…it was such an eye opener. I did not have my fitbit on…i was not worried about how fast I was walking I was not even anxious that after our photos we were going to go out to a nice dinner and I would over indulge on calories…I felt amazing. It was so liberating to be reconnected with the man I love.

I was so ashamed of our 1st session of engagement photos we did…I hated the photographer…I had JUST literally just began my weight loss journey so I still saw myself as a COW. None of the photos are even posted on my facebook…I refused to send them to family… I didn’t want anyone seeing them! Well last night the LAST photo of our session was PERFECT. We did an outfit change and had nice clothes and casual clothes…. our casual photos we more fun poses… I gave Alex a piggy ride (which the photographer commented on my muscular legs which made me smile! :] ) Alex gave me a piggy ride, we goofed off and jumped off some rocks. The very last shot the photographer said he LOVED it…said it was worth the whole 2 hour session just to get that last shot… He e-mailed it to me within an hour after our session and I have to agree… We both look so happy and free! I am so happy to be able to share these photos of me and my best friend where I know I am happy with myself… I have faith in my future that I will continue to be healthy and fit with my best friend by my side.

Less than 2 months until I marry my best friend in the whole world, Alex, babe if you read this…I love you to the moon and back! You have given me so much support over the past seven months and I know I never tell you thank you enough. Everyone on a weight loss journey needs support or it really is lonely and hard. Thank you for being there when everyone else begged me to stop or put me down. I love you Mr. Grierson ❤

Large photo: August little photo: May

Large photo: August little photo: May

october engagement

October-Pre weightloss

side by side engagement

Left: October Engagement( THOSE HUGE LEGS OMG). Right: May engagement redo

Now off to do some HIIT! ❤ Then Church then pool with my man!!

Happy sunday!


2 thoughts on “My journey and my relationship

  1. slowmotionsmile says:

    It’s not just that you lost weight, but that the fact you feel good in your own skin just radiates from the picture and from your smile! It is a perfect shot indeed, hope you’ll share some more pictures from the shoot with us! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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