i know i can’t be alone. 

is there anyone who is constantly trying to fix an area on their body? these past few days i have been struggling an internal battle. maintaining my weight has become a huge battle in my head! when i was losing the weight i knew my goal and how to attain it… now that i am at maintenance I can’t seem to cut the cardio out. im addicted! i also can’t see past my thighs and abs.  

when I look in the mirror i am happy shoulders up! i love how i look. i have never had issues with my face. but now i am seeing saggy skin, undefined abs and my thighs are huge. i almost feel as if the 73lbs i lost is still on me! Im hoping this gets easier as i am only week 3 into maintaining and i hope i can see some differences in the mirror soon as i start doing more weights and working on my abs and legs! 
does anyone else who lost a significant amount of weight ever battle with themselves about still seeing the “large” you?! 



4 thoughts on “i know i can’t be alone. 

  1. amandaturner612 says:

    Man, this post describes exactly how I feel sometimes! This is going to sound nuts, but the other day I was out jogging and school bus was about to drive by. I braced myself for the possibility that a kid would yell something nasty about me being chubby… then I remembered… I’m not chubby anymore!

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