What’s in your gym bag?

Since I first began my process of becoming a complete gym rat…I have gone from not taking a bag….to working out at nights..to working out after work to working out before work…each situation changes just what I may need in my bag for the day!

I wake up at 5:00 am each morning to have a pre-gym snack do some stretching and prepare for the day… then about 5:45 I head out for the gym! My daily load of stuff I have to carry is really A LOT. I work from 9:30-6:00 so I really don’t have the time after my gym routine to come back home and get ready so I have to be 100% prepared everyday! All of this revolves solely around my gym bag I would be lying if I said i didn’t rely on my gym bag to keep me sane each day! During the work week I have completely given up even carrying a purse! There is no point! I have so much already! I also cannot leave my gym bag in the car because my make up and lotion begins to melt and I also don’t want anyone being tempted to break in!

So on a typical day this is what i look like leaving the house: IMG_1268What am I carrying? A red breakfast lunchbox which carries pre-measured granola, pre measured oats, pre-measured blueberries and water. my green lunch bag..which carries pre-measured Salad with premeasured: onion, banana peppers, cheese. it carries 2 cups of steamed green beans and greek yogurt. so 1 lunch box isn’t even an option…meal preppers know just how much room meal prepping containers can take up! Then I have my yoga mat for my 1 hour lunch break…i tend to use it outside and stretch and read! Then I have 1 out of of the 3 gym bags I have… I have 1 actual gym bag thats ADIDAS brand and has all the organized pockets…but what i have found recently is half of the pockets are USELESS! I need the open space inside the gym bag to place all my stuff in! not these small pockets to shove things in! So i tried my ed hardy duffel..i used it for 2 days it wasn’t awful but also wasn’t great!

THEN…dundundun. On my lunch break I went to A.C. Moore a craft store looking for some stuff to buy things for a DIY Bridesmaid project for my wedding that is less than 2 months away…omg cry… EEK! and I ended up finding a duffel I fell in love with!!! Its HUGE on the inside don’t let the outside fool you! has two outside pockets on each side which I can put my car keys, gum and phone and chapstick (since I don’t carry a purse) and the other side pocket carries my water bottle…the inside is large and has a small zip up pocket which doesn’t get in the way! and I Love it so far!

gym bag blog gymbagblog

^^^ So that was yesterday me all excited!! 🙂 Now When I got to packing all my gym stuff I loved it even more! It can fit everything perfectly fine!

whats in your gym bag

So this is basically what my gym bag usually consists of!

  1. Work clothes for after work..and my work tennis shoes so I don’t wear out my gym shoes
  2. my blue “wipe this sweat off NOW towel”
  3. box in the back is baby wipes..they do work wonders when i have no time to shower
  4. along with baby wipes the green tupperware holds body powder! ❤ LOVE.
  5. water bottle
  6. adidas sandals-shower sandals/walk around locker room sandals
  7. the pink chevron back is where all my sweaty clothes go after–it has a plastic lining on the inside so i can wipe it down every night when i unpack my sweaty clothes
  8. the purple chevron bag holds make up, comb, and deoderant
  9. the floral print bag holds my two sets of head phones, locker lock, lotion, and my workout gloves
  10. the green thing is my tablet (cause i don’t carry a purse)
  11. then I have my calendar in the back which has my weekly goals and my routine for the day
  12. pink wallet in front of the calendar
  13. gym gloves!

what do you guys carry!?


4 thoughts on “What’s in your gym bag?

  1. slowmotionsmile says:

    Haha I know this feeling so well, I usually have to carry three bags: one for my notes/laptop and other school stuff, one for my gym wear and one for my meals and a huge bottle of water. It can be pretty troublesome but it’s so worth it! P.s.: love your new bag, looks so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

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