What a successful weekend! My last post was pre-shopping on Saturday! I came home one happy lady!! 🙂 (thanks to my amazing man! I love you babe! <3) nikesI could not decide between the two pairs of shoes and I may have thrown a little bratty pouty fit…buuuut I bought the blue and green ones and then Alex went back to the store later and got me the high tops! 😀 He is literally the sweetest, although I did not deserve two pairs! Again babe if you ever read this ❤ I love you! you know the way to my heart! 😀

I also ended up getting some new workout I finally have 6 pairs that actually fit me! All my like 15+ other pairs do not fit me anymore! I know I should be happy about this but it has been a real pain in the ass having to replenish my ENTIRE wardrobe including my workout clothes, work clothes and my casual clothes!! what an expensive process losing weight can be! Ha Ha! So worth it though!!

I am going to start lifting more on Monday and try and focus on defining and toning my muscles more! I can’t wait to start tomorrow! We have tomorrow off for work but I don’t want to mess my schedule up so my alarm will be going off at 5am like usual! So I have to cut this one short!! ❤

new gym pants and wore the high tops. <3 wore my gloves to do arm weights <3 sweaty from the elliptical <3 did some walking backwards to work on upper legs!

new gym pants and wore the high tops.


7 thoughts on “Success!

  1. schaeffermgrierson says:

    they are RBX brand and I get all my workout gear usually from ross, tj maxx, and marshalls… not sure if y’all have those in Europe… it is like when they have overstock of name brand stuff they have them discounted at these stores


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