nothing beats new workout gear

i had a great $35 haul last night! of course im sure Alex is not going to be happy! but shh it is okay! i am doing all this to better my life! 🙂 

so i headed out to Burlington to meet up with a friend which i thought would be a perfect time to look for new shoes because… and i am tearing up typing this! my shoes that have gotten me through a 70 lbs weight loss have a HOLE!! my pinky toe keeps getting caught at the gym!  

im pretty sure it is okay for me to be depressed about this! but anyways! 

so no luck in finding new shoes but i did find some new workout pants, exercise mat and a new exercise ball! i was in desperate need of new workout pants because now that i am smaller all my original pants are falling down and it is not cutting it anymore! 


yes i am definitely the girl who has to wear new clothes immediately so i am rockin my new shorts/capri pants! they came attached! score! for $6  so exciting! 

here is my whole haul! i large and very thick and comfy exercise mat which was AMAZING to do my ab ripper on this morning! 2 new workout bottoms, a bikini, exercsie ball (which i blew up last night! so excited to find good routines to use it with) and i got some sugar cookie coffee grounds! holy yum! 

but still sad i did not find any shoes! 

do you guys have any favorite places to buy workout shoes??? 
oh and let me share this amazing quote for anyone who gets haters posting about their progress photos! :  



6 thoughts on “nothing beats new workout gear

  1. Maureen says:

    They’re expensive but I LOVE my Nike flyknits 4.0s. They have a ton of different colors and are just super comfortable. I’d also look around to see if you have a Luke’s Locker or another running shoe place near you to get fitted.


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