“tone, tan, fit and ready”

11295935_10204227614321156_3257939343165102547_n 10628562_10204227623481385_1121757533907044925_n 11069917_10204227616441209_4210356233328470618_n 11165321_10204227614481160_1897822033863662891_nWow, what a day today has been! It was lovely weather here in Virginia and my fiancé and I decided to go hit up the beach…now I have posted progress photos in a bikini but I have never actually been out in public in my bikini yet. Today was a huge milestone in my weightloss journey! It took me about I don’t know maybe ten minutes before I finally took my cover up off at the beach, I am still not 100% confident in my body and I know no one is actually staring at me….but I feel as if everyone is..and that they are judging me. crazy. I know.

What a liberating feeling to finally take my cover up off and feel sexy. I know men and women all have different versions of sexy and healthy and fit. But for once today I felt amazing in my own skin, I was screaming and shouting and crying on the inside, I was so proud of myself today and so confident in myself. To have those feelings was truly such an amazing feeling on this weightloss journey.

Tell me… have any of you had these moments where you stop and applaud yourself and realize you truly are beautiful?


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