Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Most people seem to dread the scale, I understand the feeling…you walk into the gym or wherever you happen to weigh yourself and you take a deep breath before stepping on…you have to prepare yourself for the number you may be seeing…whether it is good or bad you have got to learn to love the scale all the while I am sure you hate it too.

I have a love hate relationship with the scale, I understand that to fully understand if what I am doing is working then I know that I need to rely on the scale as my friend… it is those moments and those days that can even turn into weeks where the number just isn’t budging… it is staying within 1-2 lbs after hours of work and tons of calculating calories. In the end what the scale says is not all that important… my fiancé is constantly having to remind me that the number really truly doesn’t matter. To me I had a goal in my head it was to get to 135 lbs and then I would begin maintaining my weight and working on toning. Today was the day I was so incredibly nervous to weigh myself. This past week was my first week on “maintain” and I was scared shitless. I went from working out 6 days a week to working out to 5 days… except my first week did not goes as planned and I ended up missing my Friday work out because I only had to work until 1pm instead of 630 pm and my most lovely fiancé Alex was off work on Friday and I opted to spend the extra time with him instead..we even got coldstone ice cream..and yes I looked up the calories and I shoveled 803 calories of cookiedough goodness in my mouth…so that would be one of the biggest reasons I was FREAKING and I mean FREAKING out whenever I got to the gym this morning. But shockingly enough I was weighing in at 134.4 (134.8 while holding my phone). But in that moment as happy as I was to be within my weight goal after indulging I was also having an eye opening moment and realized I looked amazing regardless of that number!

As I begin my new goal to work on my abs

and become a little more toned I hope to always remember

that I am beautiful. Use the scale wisely my friends.

do not let the scale run your life, but use it as a guide.


205 lbs in green pants. 134.4 in grey leggings.



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