oh my gosh. haha I am always so hungry!

Shelby Elmore

Original article written for VIRTVE magazine.

1. She’s determined, which means she’s stubborn.

Maintaining a fit physic is more than stepping on a treadmill every other week for 5-10 minutes. It takes consistent determination, and there’s nothing you can do to convince her to miss a leg day!

2. She’s dedicated, which means she’ll always be loyal to you. 

If you’re lucky enough for her to actually want to make time for you, then she’ll make a habit of it. Gym, food, you!

3. She’s ALWAYS hungry, and when it gets bad, she will be “hangry”.

There is not enough peanut butter in the entire god damn world to fill a fit-chick up. It’s like they have hollow legs … You should probably just get used to having some Justin’snut butter packets in your wallet.

4. Everything will remind her of sex and make her want sex.

It’s no…

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