Exciting things are coming! 

so this week has been my first week of slowly introducing more calories back into my diet as i am done losing weight since i reached my weight goal of 135 from being 205! i was sitting at a 1200 cal diet and am up to 1400 and will increase gradually so my body doesnt freak out with all the extra calories. 

my new goal is to work on tightening up and toning my legs and trying to get a butt back! i am exciting to see how toning and weights go! it has also been nice to have a day off [yesterday] from the gym! 😊 but i am back at it today! and then i have my student preview at ODU since i am headed back to school in the fall to finish my degree!! eek! so fun! 

anyone have any weightloss MAINTAINING tips?! 🙂 

i will leave you with a throwback thursday!  



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