the problem is…

i sometimes get sooo annoyed by the constant “what are you doing…how many calories…what exact work outs are you doing…how often….what should i eat…?” i mean some of the people arent annoying. but when i tell you i count calories and spend 2 hours at the gym each morning and your reply is that is too much work then dont come to me. i did not achieve this progress easily and i think people dont take that into consideration…why? because the problem is: everyone wants an easy fix. im sorry honey…if you are obese or unhealthy or just overweight it is not going to be easy. sure the industry wants you to think it will be easy…”take these pills” …”drink this drink” NO.  GET YOUR ASS IN THE GYM! dont rely on these easy fixes because they aren’t permanent lifetime fixes! you have to make changes you can commit to or you are going to gain it all back. 
while i was at the gym today i saw ads for generally 2 things. weightloss or fast food. the problem so many people have is the convience of taking a little pill then running over to popeyes and getting a $5 fill up box. STOP relying on EASY fixes
eating right and exercising has been the most amazing journey and you do not need to skip these important steps just to get to your goal faster! start today. eat healthy. get moving. get your life back the hard but rewarding way. 😊 

happy tuesday! sorry i had to rant!  



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