Lets do this! 

its monday!!!  i know many do not share this excitement! i love the beginning of a new week.. why? because its a new week! whatever happened over the weekend and whatever happened last week is done it is in the past and you get to start fresh! 

this week i am changing up my lunches and doing salad this week 🙂 i am excited! i love that i have learned to appreciate vegetables. i NEVER ate vegetables and i really mean never! and now i love trying new ways to eat them and season them! omnomnom. 

i hit my weightloss goal from 205 lbs to 135 lbs! what a life changing event! so today starts my journey of a new gym plan and maintenance schedule! i get to slowly bump my calorie intake up and change what i can do at the gym! such an exciting thing! no better way to start a monday! 


last summer vs this summer

i’d rather bust my ass now than be at the beach in shorts and a jacket. i also tried those shorts on yesterday.. holy bahaha. 


rolled 3 time to “stay up”



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