back to life…back to reality! 

enjoying my pre-gym snack now before hitting up the gym for an early morning cardio session!

Alex and I ended up walking over 8 miles yesterday in d.c. 😊 we had our picnic on a grassy area facing some water! it was such a lovely day!


our view!

chafing… a thing of the past! it is crazy to think last summer i went and bought tight workout shorts to go under my skirts and dresses because i was chafing so bad! i proudly walked all 8 miles in shorts and didnt feel my thighs touch once! it is such a small thing to be so emotional about but i literally wanted to cry!


I know i should never reward hard work with food but we celebrated me getting to my weightloss goal of 70 lbs and now im 135 lbs by eating dinner at texas road house! it is truly crazy how my body and mind just doesn’t care to eat horribly anymore! i used to eat atleast 4-6 dinner rolls i mean they are free! and their cinnamon butter is sooo good!! plus i would eat usually my whole meal which is chicken strips and 2 sides. but last night i had 1 roll. a fee bites of our friend onion appetizer. instead of french fries which i usually ordered i got corn and i ate all my corn did not eat all my mashed potatoes and only ate 2 chicken strips and was full and satisfied!
today’s to do list:

  1. gym
  2. grocery shop
  3. clean apartment
  4. laundry
  5. configure a new gym schedule for maintaining my weightloss
  6. prep all dinners and lunches!

hope you all enjoy your sunday funday!!


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