D.C. bound! 

Alex (my amazing fiancé) has not had weekends off in a little over a month! he finally has today off so we are headed to d.c. for the day and going to walk to all the monuments and do some little shopping…girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! i love me some shopping! 

traveling even though d.c. is only a 3 hour drive can still be a pain when you are working in counting calories and maintaining a weight loss! luckily we are going to eat breakfast at home which for us and road trips is rare! we love starting our trips with breakfast at a local diner called Johnny’s… buuut i am perfectly okay with a yummy meal at home! for lunch we will be having packed lunches! of course Alex had to throw in some cheez its and candy for himself but i did good and packed my normal lunch i have during the work week! Butttttt because it is a date day tomorrow we are going to find somewhere nice to eat and enjoy a meal together! it is always good to get out and live every once in a while! and plus we already did good by packed lunches and breakfast at home! 

what is your favorite splurge meal? 😊


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