end of the week blues 

here it is… friday! most people get so excited! i have mixed feelings when it comes to weekends! i am so on the go during the week between gym sessions and work i am gone from 6am til 645pm.. then once i get home i spend atleast one hour preparing for the next day! packing prepared lunches…unpacking my gym bag…repacking for the next day! it really is so much work to stay on track! (definitely worth it though 💪🏻) 

my struggle with weekends is I am usually home.. cleaning and doing laundry and i usually am resisting the urge to snack! it sometimes is always a battle in my head! and figuring out what i want for lunch to stay in my calorie budget but also not eat the same stuff i eat monday- friday! 

today i took time off from the gym- i am only 2.3lbs away from my goal weight of 135 and tomorrow Alex and i are headed to washington d.c. and are going to do a walking tour so i will definitely be getting in some major walking tomorrow which is my usual day off! so today i just decided to have a day to sleep in and i will be back at the gym sunday bright and early! 

i am needing to look into some new gym routines and schedules as i am going to start maintaining my weight soon! i will still hit up the gym easily 5 days a week instead of 6 and will probably work more on toning rather than intense intense cardio! anyone else out there working on maintaining? so many people lose their weight and then gain it back… i refuse to let that happen to me again like it did back in 2013! 

happy friday! 

💋 schaeffer 


tye dye and jeans day for work!


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