throw back thursday anyone? 

PAST ADDICTIONS(that i sometimes miss) 

I MISS MACARONI AND CHEESE. i am not going to lie i could eat it every meal! except now i know how awful and processed and gross it is for me… but still. pre-weight loss journey i would literally eat an entire box to myself atleast once a week. i was addicted. 

BIG RED if you haven’t tried this soda, do it. its purely amazing. except when i hit 180 pounds [25 lbs lost] i had one and it tasted awful. so sad how cutting stuff out makes it taste awful later! 

cookie dough oh how i loved me some cookie dough…  

leslie knope understands me

Finger lickin DORITOS. Omnomnom. 

anything you guys miss so much about your past life that you would eat like theres no tomorrow?! 

as for today
: it is ab and butt day at the gym followed by 45 min arc trainer session! get it! it is almost friday! 

  gym attire of the day with some pre gym strawberry preserve rice cake and coffee. because lemme tell you. i do not function without coffee. 
💋 schaeffer  


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