The struggle is real y’all. 

lets be honest here… when you start a weightloss goal plan you really only think about the end results not all the small things that happen in between which is probably the most important part of your journey! when i began in october 2014 all i was focused on was being thin-not healthy. i wanted to be small and sexy, boy was i stupid! becoming healthy has been the most fun part! 
the emotions that come with this journey are really so unreal! i have had great cry sessions and some very sad cry session it all starts when the clothes becoming baggy, the dissappointment when no one notices you have lost a good amount of weight! the support system you wish you had, but you just dont. and fitting in pant sizes you never thought you would be in! 

myfitnesspal has played a HUGE role in my weightloss! it has helped me portion control and realize just how many horrible calories there are in all the foods that are equally so awful for you! tracking calories is hard work! it is exhausting and it is even more exhausting when you live with someone who is 6’4″ and weighs 186 lbs… less than i weighed when i started on a 5’6″ frame. my fiancé, as amazing as he is can really eat like crap sometimes! we both love snacking and we both have sweet tooths. one of my biggest struggles was to sit down count my calories as he endlessly eats his favorite snack…tortilla chips and salsa and im over here in my head shouting “BUT NINE CHIPS HAS 140 l CALORIES!!!!! ONLY NINE CHIPS!!!” i did not expect Alex to change his eating habits but i never thought they would make me so mad that i just can’t do what he can! now months after starting i am no longer upset and it no longer bugs me! if you have struggles with portions i truly suggest myfitnesspal! 😊 

now the hardest most depressing part- the BAGGY SKIN. what no one ever mentions is the loose skin! you hear about it in huge weightloss journeys but my skin started to get saggy after losing 40 lbs- for a while it made me more depressed than being 205 lbs. i was so self concious about being naked when i bent over my stomach and breast excess skin just hung down as if I was in my 80’s it was wrinkly and a mess! my skin is still definitely loose but sadly its something you have to deal with do not let this discourage you! its not so bad when you are in your normal posture! 🙂 and plus its just a sign of you getting healthy!! 

❤️ schaeffer 


2 thoughts on “The struggle is real y’all. 

  1. Maureen says:

    OMG i can SO relate to the shouting how many calories are in that in my head!!! My ex would eat like 4 tortillas with his meal no matter what it is and all I could think of was “each tortilla is 120 calories and you just keep eating them!” Guys appetites are insane! Damn girl I wish you still lived in Texas!!!

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    • schaeffermgrierson says:

      yes omg. alex is literally a never ending eating machine. i really am glad we got back in touch though maureen!! we can definitely still motivate each other and know what one another is going through!!! we both have lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight not just like 5 lbs. i am so proud of you!!! and yes im glad you know my calorie struggle! hahaha its so sad


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