This journey of mine!

Let me first tell you a little about myself as this is my first post. My name is Schaeffer (yes first name) i am 24 and currently live in Virginia. since 2013 I have lived in 3 states-born and raised until 2013 in Texas, almost 2 years in Maine and now almost a year in Virginia.  it has been an adventure.

i have decided to do this for me and for any of you needing motivation if anyone ever even stumbles upon this! i am nearing the end of a very long weight loss journey that started in december 2013 then i slacked off and got back on track october of 2014! it has been truly amazing. i wanted to start this because part of me is truly terrified for this journey to be over. it is almost like reading a great book, one you don’t want to end so you slow down at reading it… thats been me the last few weeks.. having more and more cheat days because I’m not ready to stop losing weight. i have finally accepted that i need to lose my 3lbs i have left and begin my maintain and tone journey. i need to learn that the journey of maintaining a weight loss is just as amazing as losing the weight. in Texas in 2013 i had lost just under 30 lbs and gained all of it back before moving to Virginia, i started dating someone, got engaged and frankly got comfortable- he loved me for me… so what was the harm in eating a whole tube if cookie dough eh?

11088561_10203971074827829_3340998003861574805_nlets jump to october 2014. i started a new job in september and a coworker was always begging me to join planet fitness and be her gym buddy.. i thought it would be a great chance to start another weight loss journey and to do it in a gym which would be a first for me! so first week of october i finally got my membership but refused to step in the door until my coworker was ready to come with me.. days passed and she still had not met me at the gym so i braved it on my own and did a quick 30 min stationary bike cardio session. sometime within the next week my friend finally came and she introduced me to the elliptical… i really liked it! and since that day i became a gymrat.
i started this journey at 205, yes TWO HUNDRED AND FIVE pounds. i was MASSIVE for my 5’6 frame!
here i am almost exactly 7 months since my first workout session and i am 2lbs away from losing a total of 70 lbs and much better muscles
all i plan to do here is rant, rave, share my success, and if you need motivation, tips, or just someone to hear your story i am here. i can also hopefully use this as a tool to help me maintain my new lifestyle!


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